61-maglieri-wine Photo Steve DavisThis affordable wine is the South Australian Drink Of The Week this week, episode 61.

This also coincided with our Surreal Adelaide theme, hence this shot is taken from our promo video for the episode in which we pour the Shiraz while upside down.

Steve commented on the need for this Shiraz from Maglieri Wines to be given time to breathe – a decent hour or so at least.

Susan was struck by chocolate, which Brett and Steve eventually discovered.

Brett captured it best when he said the chocolate is more like the elusive but ever present hint of chocolate you get in the air when you walk into a confectionery shop, like Robern Menz in McLaren Vale.

Susan also commented on the good, strong legs, denoting a rich, warm alcohol content of 15%.

You can use this link to jump straight to the audio of us doing our live wine tasting.