Welcome to some of the strangest Longview Yakka Shiraz and Whippet Sauvignon Blanc tasting notes you’ll ever encounter.

These were recorded as part of The Adelaide Show podcast episode 167 at Tanglewood Studios in Blackwood.

Our panel included Michael Allen, producer of You Wanna Bita This Now? (a live streaming theatre project) and Tim Rodgers (performer on the night and formerly with The Australian Ballet).

Both had stage fright about producing wine tasting notes, but both fought through the fear!

Longview Yakka Shiraz and Whippet Sauvignon Blanc tasting notes

The 2016 Whippet Sauvignon Blanc was up first and Steve stunned everybody to silence when he declared he had potato and pineapple on his palate; crisp, juicy potato with a broad wash of pineapple.

Michael said he got the crisp and juicy aspect of the wine, not the potato notes.

Nigel said it began like a Chardonnay, much bolder than your typical Sauv Blanc. Steve agreed, noting that if you ignored this Sauv Blanc while in conversation, unlike others, this would reach out with a gloved hand and slap you across your face to get your attention.

Tim had not had any wine for many years but noted it was enjoyable and reminiscent of an Evans and Tate wine from WA.

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Next, attention was paid to the 2015 Yakka Shiraz which, frankly, blew our panel away.

Steve said drinking this wine is like a visit to Buckingham Palace when you have it all to yourself AND you’re allowed to wander around on its plush, red carpets in bare feet, as a pipe organ wafts out vanilla notes all around you and glimpses of Queen Adelaide appear around each corner.

The panel agreed, wholeheartedly.

Michael then added how well balanced the Syrah was, despite being so young, to which Steve replied, yes, there is beautiful deception in this wine.

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Seriously, these two drops from Longview Vineyard in the Adelaide Hills are most worthy SA Drinks Of The Week and you can hear our live tasting, below, starting about 3 minutes in.

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PS We have previously reviewed earlier vintages of the Yakka. Here is the most recent, from episode 84.