We went fully homemade, Italian-style, for our 200th episode, with our SA Drink Of The Week being Limoncello by Madge Violi.

Madge shared her technique for making the lemon-based spirit which basically amounts to soaking lemon rind in spirit for about 40 days. During this time, the mixture takes on a little of the yellow of the lemon.

After that, Madge makes up a syrup, adds it to the mix and then strains out the lemon rind.

Limoncello by Madge

Steve described the drink like standing behind the sheets of water cascading in front of you in a waterfall. The water is pure lemon essence and with the first sip, it is like you have stepped through this wall. But then, as you dive into the pond at the base of the waterfall, you get hit by the refreshing, bracing bout of spirit, that dissipates the lemon and leaves you floating in the mist of yellow memories.

You can hear the live tasting about three minutes in, in episode 200 of The Adelaide Show. Download it for free in your favourite podcast app, or hit the player below.