In the making of episode 205 of The Adelaide Show, we hailed the 2014 Koonara Wunderlust Cabernet Sauvignon as the South Australian Drink Of The Week.

Apart from being curious about this Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon, we held this wine for this particular episode because we were discussing ghosts and the paranormal with Alison Oborn from Adelaide Haunted Horizons, and the Koonara angel logo on the label just seemed to fit perfectly.

So, with the Z Ward refectory still and quiet, we poured some of this wine to see if we could discern the spirits of the Coonawarra.

2014 Koonara Wunderlust Cabernet Sauvignon tasting notes

Steve began by saying this wine is magnificent on the palate.

“I’d go so far to say,” he continued, “that if I had to be locked up in one of these cells at Z Ward in Glenside, I think I’d be fine if I could have a bottle of Wunderlust with me!”

Alison noted the wine was warming.

Nigel commented that the wine’s tannins are present but they do not linger, which he liked.

This led Steve to describe the tasting experience as similar to the cleaning undertaken by some of the inmates at Glenside who were entrusted with such duties. He said it is like someone is sweeping up dusty, dried, red and blue berries down the corridor, right onto and then past your palate.

Yes, this tasting was an otherworldly experience.

We heartily recommend the Koonara Wunderlust Cabernet Sauvignon as the SA Drink Of The Week.

Hear the live tasting about three minutes in by downloading the episode for free in your favourite podcast app, or by using the player below.