Kilikanoon Shiraz Tasting Notes Adelaide ShowIn episode 125, we lifted our wine gaze to the Clare Valley and can present our Killerman’s Run Shiraz tasting notes.

One of the first things that struck us with this wine from Kilikanoon Wines was the purple hue of the wine, leading our guest, Laura Dare, to wax lyrically about how regal it was.

She even commented about it being fit for a princess with a cherry finish.

Although the princess’ cherry eluded Steve at first, he finally found it and also noted how mouth-filling the wine was.

Killerman’s Run Shiraz tasting notes

In short, heads were nodding as the Killerman’s Run was sipped.

Another note Steve shared was cigar box, something rarely found in the wines we try.

Nigel then chipped in with a reference to black stone fruits.

Medium tannins finished the drop and all tasters lived happily ever after.

If you’d like to hear the tasting, play it below and jump to about the nine minute mark.

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