Just out of Mannum, we recorded episode 178 of The Adelaide Show on Lovers Lane with Joy and Martin from Homestead Lovers and they introduced us to a local winemaker which resulted in these Heward Estate 2013 Mannum Cliffs Shiraz tasting notes.

Across the river from Mannum lies Heward Estate Wines, where a third generation family vineyard makes wines that sell like hotcakes through local bottleshops and hotels.

Upon this occasion, Joy swapped some of her food powers and barbecue meat rubs to obtain some wine for us to try.

Heward Estate 2013 Mannum Cliffs Shiraz tasting notes

After swirling the shiraz around in the glass, this wine really opened up and bloomed like the flowers on Nigel’s homegrown zucchinis.

Steve noted his plums were forward; a good, soft, generous set of plums. Great mouthfeel.

Nigel also noted how smooth the wine was, almost bereft of tannin.

Steve also noted library smell and closeness. In fact, he said this wine has a sense of dark forboding. A mysteriously enjoyable wine to explore and Steve recommends loaning your palate a torch or a lamp as it tastes its way forward.

Here the live tasting about three minutes in: