For The Adelaide Show Podcast 170, the boys had special permission to go behind the bar at the Irish Club in Adelaide to create these Guinness tasting notes.

How does Guinness qualify as the SA Drink Of The Week?

Well, it is brewed in South Australia.

Yes, Guinness licences the brewing of Guinness in various parts of the globe and Adelaide happens to be one of them.

And as a result, this was the soft, velvet blackness enjoyed during recording this week’s show.

Frank was also at pains to point out that the sign of a “well built” Guinness is a meniscus at the top of the glass standing a good millimetre or two above the rim.

Guinness tasting notes

It had been a while since Steve had had the sweet taste of white heady foam on his lips so his reaction to his first “pint” impressed Irish Club barman, Frank O’Reilly.

“It’s like I am walking barefoot across a black, soft, plush, velvet carpet,” said Steve, to which Frank explained how Black Velvet is indeed how many people enjoy Guinness.

It’s half French Champagne (from Champagne) and half Guinness (from Ireland), that’s Black Velvet, said Frank.

The panel also agreed that Guiness is unlike many of our fine stouts in SA, because it is made to be drunk cold and has a light enough finish that would sit well as a summer drink.

You can hear the live tasting with Steve, Nigel, Frank and the chair of the Irish Club, Kevin Neeson, here, starting about three minutes in: