106-Gramps-Ben-Heard Photo Steve Davis

Ben Heard, pouring himself another Gramps Shiraz

In episode 106, our SA Drink Of The Week was the ever-reliable Gramps Shiraz from the Barossa Valley.

Having wandered away from our usual territory of SA Shiraz and Cab Sauv over the past few weeks, it was nice to return home.

Ben Heard, having spent some years living in Melbourne, particularly enjoyed the classic South Australian Shiraz experience. He said it was not easily obtainable over the border!

Steve commented on the elegant, integrated nature of this wine but noticed a little extra warmth.

Nigel then discovered this one is sporting a 14.8 per cent alcohol volume, thus enabling us to turn down the heater and help Ben’s missing of reducing our reliance on Carbon, at least for a few hours!

Hear our live wine tasting here.

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