Timed for release on Christmas Day, these 2013 DiGiorgio Family Lucindale Cabernet Sauvignon tasting notes were recorded as we put together episode 174 of The Adelaide Show with the team from Family By Family.

Because the episode was going to be about families struggling with issues, of which alcohol is one, we pondered whether to have no alcohol or to maintain our tradition.

We decided on the latter and took the opportunity to discuss responsible drinking as we sipped this DiGiorgio number mindfully.

Emma, from Family By Family, also mentioned that her mother-in-law worked at DiGiorgio Wines until retiring recently, and Steve noted he knows Nadine DiGiorgio from his various marketing workshops run in the South East, thus confirming Nigel’s theory there are only two degrees of separation between people in South Australia.

2013 DiGiorgio Family Lucindale Cabernet Sauvignon tasting notes

The first thing Steve was inspired to share was that the hint of eucalypt and tightly-mown, chewy neatness of the tannins in this Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon, conjured a feeling of being in Nadine’s backyard around dawn with its slight crispness in the South East air and the very subtle wafting of pine and eucalyptus from the bordering trees.

Karen asked whether we were drinking this a little young and at three years old, we know John from Melbourne Stree Cellars would say yes. Emma then confessed she wouldn’t know what the aged version would taste like because wine does not get a chance to age in her household!

The panel enjoyed this wine and it does come recommended as a very worthy South Australian Drink Of The Week.

Hear the whole tasting about three minutes in: