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Coriole 2013 Shiraz McLaren Vale tasting notes

Coriole 2013 Shiraz on The Adelaide Show Podcast with guest Simon Butters

These Coriole 2013 Shiraz McLaren Vale tasting notes are based on our live wine tasting in episode 148 of The Adelaide Show podcast.

Coriole was chosen because it is the sponsor of Wakefield Press, the publisher that published The Hounded by Simon Butters.

As a side note, at the launch of the book yesterday, we were drinking Coriole’s Sangiovese and would have chosen that for the show, had we known, to help tie the whole week together.

However, that simply means we have another wine to try later. Hint, Coriole *cough* 🙂

Coriole 2013 Shiraz McLaren Vale tasting notes

It was a cold night in the Adelaide Hills when we opened the Coriole 2013 Shiraz Steve noticed it was rather taut and he determined it would relax over time and within another couple of years of being tucked away in his cellar it would surely bring pleasure.

However, Simon said he was enjoying it straight off the bat, ‘I like it now because I like that little mouth puckering tannin that you get; I don’t think it’s too overpowering.’

Steve then noted this Shiraz is one that has been crafted perfectly to hold its own against food.

‘It will muscle up to that cheese you have, to roasts,’ noted Steve, and then Nigel piped in with his observation it would, ‘sit very well with quite spicy foods as well.’

You can hear our live wine tasting here; starting about four minutes in.

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