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Coopers Pale Ale

Coopers Pale Ale tasting notes on The Adelaide Show Podcast 264

It’s not often we go full mainstream for our SA Drink Of The Week but there was a red hot reason for choosing Coopers Pale Ale this week.

In short, our blacksmith, Andrew Hood from Farmweld, says it sits in his workshop fridge next to two litre bottles of water.

He guzzles the water as he works and then uses a few pale ales to restore himself after a hard day banging away at his anvil.

Coopers Pale Ale tasting notes

Andrew led the tasting with the analytical approach he takes to blacksmithing, which relies heavily on mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

Andrew identified malt, hops, and Coopers yeast on his palate, from the first sip.

Mind you, he added that usually his first Coopers Pale Ale he is unable to taste, because it evaporates extremely quickly after spending hours next to a forge running at 1800 degrees C.

During his second pale ale is when Andrew starts to appreciate the bitter hop notes on the back of the palate, which makes it easier to swallow when you are parched.

He added it is restorative in a way that is more efficient for him than any isotonic drinks!

You can hear the live tasting of the Coopers Pale Ale in episode 264 of The Adelaide Show Podcast.

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