It’s always surprising when a Pinot makes it as our SA Drink Of The Week and as you might expect, it took a thriller romance author to conjure the Brian Croser 2015 Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir.

Brooke Sivendra, who is a self-confessed nibbler-around-the-edges of red wine, took advice from her local bottle shop in choosing our drink this week before appearing on the Adelaide Show episode 187.

They said Brian is doing some incredible things in the Adelaide Hills, and we’d have to agree that this venture into vineyards less trodden has been an enjoyable adventure.

Brian Croser 2015 Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir tasting notes

The first thing noticed was the lack of colour, well, not really a lack of colour, more like the lightest, light red one could imagine.

Steve noted it was like a stage prop of red wine as used in day time soapies; a splash of Ribena in water (second week running we’ve erred to the lighter end of the spectrum).

Then, on the palate, Steve noted tufts of green like he was walking between recently-sprouted vineyards with his arms stretched wide, and every now and then his hands brushed through some leaves.

In fact, at one point, Steve swore he had some spinach on his palate. Yes, first time ever for that descriptor!

But Nigel and Steve then noted clouds of red berry fruit waft through the mouth, followed by a crisp, tannic finish. which Steve described as

Steve described the arrival of the tannin like the first cool chill you’d get after spending an afternoon picnicking on a blanket in one of Brian Croser’s Adelaide Hills vineyards, just as the sun begins to dip below the horizon.

You can relive the tasting via the player below (about three minutes in), or subscribe to our podcast in your favourite podcast app and enjoy there.