Another episode and another nice drop from Langhorne Creek, which is where our Bleasdale Sparkling Shiraz tasting notes hail from this week.

In episode 146, we popped the cork on this satisfying sparkling Shiraz while chatting with hairdresser, Don Violi.

In fact, Steve had only just started easing the cork when it popped, flew into Don’s ceiling and richocheted against his mirrors and basins at Khrome Hair Studio in Prospect.

We have never judged a sparkling by its popping power; if we did, this would have created a new level to measure by!

Bleasdale Sparkling Shiraz tasting notes

Nigel’s first comment was, it doesn’t punch you in the face.

What he meant was that some sparking wines are overly sweet or excrutiatingly dry but this one seems to be nicely balanced.

The panel was also impressed by the integrity of the Shiraz flavours on the palate, despite being an NV (non vintage, which simply means the winemaker can blend wines from various vintages and which some people ‘poo poo’, preferring vintage sparking. However, NV doesn’t necessarily mean low quality at all; it is what it is and can be made at various price points and qualities).

The boys thought this would pair nicely with some pungent cheese, like Don’s homemade cheese which he’d brought into the salon for the evening.

You can hear the tasting just a few minutes into this week’s show, below:

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