110-big-shed-brewing-f-yeah Photo Steve Davis

Dylan from Trifecta Cricket Association pours while Nigel and Marcus look on

In episode 110, the boys from Big Shed Brewing Concern, Jason and Craig, swung us some F’Yeah American Pale Ale.

What a superb SA Drink Of The Week!

Dylan and Marcus from the Trifecta Cricket Association were both swept to the boundary for four, with Marcus noting some strong caramel notes on his palate.

In fact, they were so impressed, they’ve decided to name the Hit Of The Day during their backyard cricket tournament this holiday Monday, the F’Yeah!

Steve noted the warming nature of the F’Yeah although some of that might have been the result of having just played a one over cricket challenge against Nigel 🙂

This superb beer sits next to others in the Big Shed range including Kol Schisel (a german style pale), FrankenBROWN (American Brown) and Californicator (West Coast IPA).

Here us do our live tasting, about 6 minutes in and enjoy.

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