For episode 199 of The Adelaide Show Podcast, the SA Drink Of The Week was a Bickfords pomegranate juice concoction put together by our guest, Mark Thomson.

Mark had been suffering from a cold, so had opted for his “go to” mixture of rum, ginger, honey, and Bickfords pomegranate juice.

The first ingredient of note was some ginger which Mark had bought from the Gepps Cross Markets and then pureed and soaked it in hot water with a bit of honey.

Next, he added some fresh lime, followed by a slug of rum, and then a few slugs of Bickfords pomegranate juice.

Apart from it being on special, Mark chose pomegranate juice because it is a widely-drunk beverage in the Middle East, of a similar level of ubiquity as orange juice has in the west.

Bickfords Pomegranate Juice concoction tasting notes

The first thing Steve noted was how the concoction burned his throat (in a nice way) on the way down.

Mark noted that his cold’s symptoms had diminished greatly, due to this drink.

Nigel was enthralled by the drink and began musing over ways to add even more heat, perhaps with some chillis from his home garden.

You can hear our live tasting by downloading episode 199 of The Adelaide Show Podcast in your favourite podcast app, for free, or by playing it in the player below. The tasting starts about 3 minutes in.