It must be getting warmer because the SA Drink Of The Week involves bubbles for the third consecutive week as we taste Ashton Valley Fresh sparkling fruit juices in episode 224 of The Adelaide Show podcast.

Joseph Ceravolo of Ceravolo Orchards, introduced us to this new range of 100% fruit drinks filled with bubbles from their Adelaide Hills fruit juice making plant, Ashton Valley Fresh.

The single serve bottles we tried are available in your specialty fruit and grocery shops and a larger, 750ml version, is available in Coles Supermarkets nationwide

Ashton Valley Fresh sparkling fruit juices tasting notes

In the live tasting, which you can hear below, or by adding The Adelaide Show to your favourite podcast app and downloading episode 224, you will hear the team describe the experience of trying the various varieties available, namely:

  • Sparkling Apple
  • Apple and Strawberry
  • Apple and Pineapple

Steve and Nigel are quite taken by the soft fizz or mousse, likening it to the Solo experience (low on the fizz so you can slam it down fast) however because this is 100% fruit juice, it’s has more body than a sugary soft drink so “slamming down” is not recommended; there’s too much to savour.

Steve was struck by how subtle the supplementary flavours of pineapple and strawberry are. There is nothing sickly or overbearing here. In fact, he likened the Apple and Strawberry drink to standing on a bus next to a lady wearing strawberry perfume, and occasionally having a little of the scent waft past you.

Here’s the player for our Ashton Valley Fresh sparkling fruit juices tasting notes. The tasting starts about three minutes in.