We chose Ashton Valley Crush Sparkling Apple and Passionfruit Juice as our SA Drink Of The Week for episode 223 of The Adelaide Show, to match the hot weather and to whet our appetites for next week’s visit with the Ceravolo family.

There was some added joy when Steve popped his cork squarely into Leonardo DiCaprio’s chin (long story, watch the preview video of the episode to see the action).

The other reason it was chosen was because we had heard it looks like champagne, so when you want to be at an event but don’t want to drink alcohol and don’t want keep explaining to everybody why you’re not drinking alcohol, this is a great choice.

Ashton Valley Crush Sparkling Apple and Passionfruit Juice tasting notes

There is something about sparkling fruit juices that is often disappointing, whether it is a heavy weight of residual sugar or a flavour that is out of alignment with expectations.

Not so with Ashton Valley Crush Sparkling Apple and Passionfruit Juice.

The panel was very impressed by how satisfying and well crafted this drop was.

Steve said his first sip was like opening the doors to a large cathedral and having a procession of fruit move down the plush carpet of the centre aisle.

Nigel was impressed by the mousse and was quite taken by how satisfying this drop is.

Authentic fruit flavours, lovely mouthfeel, fizz, and no alcohol; this is exactly what we need during the summer ahead.

Hear the live tasting below, or by downloading The Adelaide Show episode 223 in your favourite podcast app.