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Annie’s Lane 2012 Clare Valley Shiraz


Alex-MacKenzie-winemakerOn a show in which singer Courtney Robb made her third podcast appearance, so, too, did Annie’s Lane Wines.

In episode 3, Colin brought in the same wine. In episode 18, Steve provided the Annie’s Lane NV Sparkling Shiraz.

However, this week, in episode 41, Brett brought a bottle blindfolded and put Steve to the test.

The theory is that he didn’t intend buying this wine but got distracted by the Land Of Promise Hotel entertainment!

Steve remarked how the wine had a very ordinary nose and was disappointing on the palate at first but within 20 minutes came to life with bright berries; raspberry and blueberry in particular.

Brett and Colin both agreed and noted how Annie’s Lane continues to be a reliable producer of South Australian wine.

Annie’s Lane winemaker, Alex MacKenzie, should be quietly proud of the magic he is working at this more popular level of wine as well as the superb upper echelons of his Copper Trail range.


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