65-alpha-box-dice-alexisWhat a fascinating challenge for a wine lover this week, in episode 65, as guest presenter, Alexis from The Show PBA-FM, forced Steve to guess what wine he was drinking.

Alexis’ offsider, Peter, also chipped in and managed to get the variety, region and age all correct, revealing an Alpha Box and Dice 2009 Sangiovese Cabernet from McLaren Vale.

Unfortunately this wine, aka Blood Of Jupiter, is sold out.

This is probably a good thing because the sample we tried, in cork, was just starting to show ‘cork’ characters, so the wine had probably reached its peak.

Steve argues he got the variety wrong (he chose Zinfandel) due to some high, sweet notes on the palate.

In the picture, you can see Alexis revealing the wine after the gruelling multiple choice competition.

You can relive the tension of the tasting by clicking through to the audio.