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a+ Coffee by Bar9

a+ Coffee by Bar9 tasting notes from The Adelaide Show Podcast

Something a little different for the SA Drink Of The Week in episode 273, a brain-stimulating drink called a+ Coffee. It has been blended by Ian Callahan and produced by his Bar9 Cafe.

This is a special blend of three shots of espresso and a number of amino acids that have been shown to stimulate brain activity in a positive way.

For example, these amino acids help the brain focus, tune down the fight-or-flight response, reduce anxiety, and generally help bring greater clarity to brain functioning.

This drink was chosen because we didn’t think the association of driving and caravanning with alcohol would be a good mix. And we’re glad we tried it.

Steve attested to his experience with a+ in which the morning he tried it, he had a breakthrough on a problem he’d been wrestling with for some time. While that is not conclusive proof that a+ is the answer to all life’s problems, it is interesting timing!

a+ Coffee tasting notes

Neil enjoyed the nips of coffee, taken straight from the elegant, black glass bottles, saying this would suit a caravan person just before they set off at 5am.

Steve noted that, when chilled, this drink is just like taking some cold shots of coffee, without the calories, carbs, and sugar of iced coffee and similar drinks.

Closer to room temperature, you can detect a faint trace of the amino acids, says Steve, although Neil said he couldn’t; he could only taste beautiful coffee.

Listening to the tasting will give you more feel for the product, so grab episode 273 of The Adelaide Show Podcast in your favourite podcast app now, or listen below.

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