In episode 179 of The Adelaide Show, we were able to create these 23rd Street Distillery Signature Gin tasting notes via a signature cocktail, the Mojito.

Erica Babbage chose this to be the SA Drink Of The Week because she thought it would be a great way to throw the spotlight onto the distillery’s flagship drink.

Twenty-Third Street Distillery is a reincarnation of the majestic distillery that has been on its current site for more than 100 years, set up originally to take advantage of the Riverland’s bountiful harvests.

The premises changed hands many times over the years and is now owned by Angelo Kotses, who also owns another South Australian icon, Bickfords.

23rd Street Distillery Signature Gin tasting notes

There are ten botanicals in the Signature Gin and Erica noted how the Mojito (made by combining the gin with Bickfords soda water, lime and mint) allows the fragrance to shine through.

Graham shared they have coriander, cardamom and two lots of citrus in their blend but the remaining six are all top secret.

Erica noted that some people prefer to sip a Mojito with the straw only halfway down to capture mainly the soda and the notes of the gin, finishing with the minty, potent finish, while others give their glasses a stir right from the start.

For Steve’s first taste he said it was like his palate was at the beach and got dumped by a deep, dirty ocean but then a fresh wave of lime came out of nowhere. The panel all agreed it is a refreshing cocktail.

Steve also noted that long after each sip was finished, there was a faint scent in his mouth reminding him of childhood summers, which Erica explained as the traces of the botanicals.

Listen to the tasting and the extended interview with head distiller, Graham Buller, and venue manager, Erica Babbage, about three minutes in: