We chose the 2017 Yalumba Organic Shiraz as our South Australian Drink Of The Week in episode 237 because our guest, Deanna Kangas from Voicehouse is vegan.

That gets mentioned a few times in the show and can be used as a trigger in a drinking game, if you wish!

Deanna does not drink wine (or alcohol) very much and believes her health and singing voice are much better as a result, but when she does drink she likes choosing beautiful wines.

2017 Yalumba Organic Shiraz tasting notes

Steve’s first note was how this wine seems to be accordioned in on itself, like Deanna doing a kid’s birthday party show and having to squeeze her act onto a smaller stage.

He then continued with the child party theme by suggesting that just like some children’s toys and pieces of equipment have felt edges, this wine feels like it has a blackberry felt edge to it.

In short, he described the wine as being a compact, blackberry felt package that you can feel rubbing against your tongue as the light tannins do their best to grip on the way past.

Deanna confessed she had no fancy descriptive words for the wine and simply enjoyed this wine.

You can listen to the full tasting of the 2017 Yalumba Organic Shiraz by downloading episode 237 of The Adelaide Show Podcast via your favourite podcast app, iTunes, or by using the link below.