For our special gaming episode we traded white noise for a 2017 Rockford White Frontignac.

It’s unusual for The Adelaide Show to sample white wine but guest, Anthony Sebastiani, says this is the only wine his wife drinks and it is one of his favourites, too, so when in Rome …

Anthony stocks up a few times each year, when he visits the Barossa and that’s why he had plenty on hand for our tasting.

2017 Rockford White Frontignac tasting notes

This first thing that hit Steve as he tasted this Frontignac was his memory of Passiona soft drink from his childhood, especially after his grandma had half filled his glass with ice cubes and he’d returned after they had melted and diluted the drink. Yes, that’s what he got; subtle notes of passionfruit but without overcharged sweetness, more floral than sweet.

He also commented that it rode down his palate very low in the saddle and, yes, he too was puzzled by the horse riding reference that escaped from this thoughts.

Anthony said he finds this wine refreshing and Fabian concurred.

Nigel compared the wine to the apricot bars available from Robern Menz; strips of dried, slightly tart apricot dusted with a little sugar. In other words, Nigel experienced full frontal apricot with a little tart on the tongue.

You can hear our tasting of the 2017 Rockford White Frontignac in episode 258 of The Adelaide Show Podcast via the player below or in your favourite podcast app.