The 2016 Taylors Merlot from the Clare Valley is our South Australian Drink Of The Week this week, after winning the inaugural Steve’s Kiss Award at the Royal Adelaide Wine Show.

This is an award based on Steve Davis’ favourite wine from the VIP tasting event.

In his opinion, this wine even surpassed the winner of the Max Schubert Trophy.

And the big news is, which surprised Steve as well, this wine sells for about $15 a bottle.

As one fellow industry-type said to Steve at the event, Taylors picked up its winemaking game about five years ago and is turning out some superb wines that over deliver.

2016 Taylors Merlot Clare Valley tasting notes

What Steve noted most about this wine was the way it filled the palate with an even distribution of plummy fruits.

It has well behaved tanins that finished each taste like a warm breeze wafting through Auburn on a late Spring afternoon.

When decanted and left to breathe for an hour or so, as Nick Ryan recommended in episode 213, this wine brings it home with aplomb.

Masterful winemaking. Thank you, on behalf of all wine drinkers with curious palates on a budget!

Listen to our live discussion of the 2016 Taylors Merlot from Clare Valley in episode 215 of The Adelaide Show Podcast below, or search for The Adelaide Show in your favourite podcast app and download it there.

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