Our South Australian Drink Of The Week is the 2016 Spinifex Garcon Barossa Grenache, selected by our guest, Mark Pradun.

Mark was on The Adelaide Show Podcast 233 to talk about deciphering wine labels, given he runs winedirect.com.au, an online wine sales company.

He says he particularly chose this wine because Steve steers our wines towards the heavy end of the scale and he wanted to tip it back to something lighter-bodied during summer.

NOTE: In this picture, the wine is photographed next to a tasting platter supplied by the business run by Mark’s wife, Tania Pradun, Amazing Grazers.

2016 Spinifex Garcon Barossa Grenache tasting notes

The first thing Steve noted about this wine was how translucent it was. He said it looks like a glass of Ribena, not too weak or too strong, but one where grandma just hasn’t quite managed to add enough cordial.

Steve then said the first impression he had as the wine washed over his palate, was like walking past one of those parlours where ladies get their nails done due to a high-noted scent, a little like acetone, floating through his olfactory senses.

Then he said, the wine presses into the palate just like one of those ladies with dark, beautifully painted fingernails, might press her nails deeply into the rich leather of a Chesterfield.

Steve finished by saying it is not like an inky wine but is more like you have pulled the arm of a one-armed bandit and after the heady spinning, it tinkles a deposit of coins into the winner’s tray.

Mark countered by saying the high notes were due to the wine being young and as it ages, the deeper notes will dominate.

There are even more descriptors in the live tasting, along with serving notes, so make sure you listen by downloading episode 233 of The Adelaide Show Podcast in your favourite podcast app, or just use the player below to catch the 2016 Spinifex Garcon Barossa Grenache tasting notes.