For episode 248 of The Adelaide Show Podcast, the SA Drink Of The Week was the 2016 Ingoldby Shiraz.

As it turned out, our hosts, Leo Gaggl and John Ruciak from BrightCookie Pty Ltd and the Growing Data Foundation, had a “superb” collection of wine glasses, due out from deep in a cupboard somewhere, with gold trim to match the Ingoldby label.

It was a classy tasting session!

2016 Ingoldby Shiraz

The first comment Steve made was that this wine had been opened too early.

It hit him as being too immature and rough and he wished he’d left it in his cellar for a few more years.

That said, he likened the experience as rushing down a seven-lane water slide, splashing around with bitey berry and cherry juice bereft of sugar and tempered by earthy tones.

Nigel concurred, adding it still had a smooth finish, albeit dry.

To hear our live tasting of the 2016 Ingoldby Shiraz, grab episode 248 of The Adelaide Show Podcast below, or in Spotify and iTunes, or by opening your favourite podcast app and downloading the episode there.