We chose the 2015 Skillogalee Take Two Shiraz Cabernet as the SA Drink Of The Week because our guest, Victor Gostin, had fond memories of stopping in Clare on his way to do field studies in the Flinders Ranges with his mentor, the late Dr Brian Daily.

As Vic explains in episode 220 of The Adelaide Show Podcast, Brian would stop into wineries to pick up a case or two of wine to see them through their two-week expeditions.

For Vic, who had moved across from Melbourne, this was a memorable introduction to South Australian wine and the rich geology of the Flinders Ranges.

2015 Skillogalee Take Two Shiraz Cabernet tasting notes

Having just done the trip up north, Steve’s first observation was the way this wine hovers over the palate like heat shimmers over outback roads in the distance.

Furthermore, he said the soft shimmering on the palate is also like driving in the Flinders Ranges with great suspension in your vehicle, cushioning you from bumps, as you soak up and thoroughly enjoy the last few kilometres of sealed road before you are forced onto the rougher, dirt tracks and creek beds.

Steve also commented on the wide, low canopy of gentle tannins that were encompassing his palate, like a welcome cover of clouds dampening the harsh sunlight in the Flinders.

He also said there is a sweet perfume to this wine, like driving through the Flinders with your windows down when all the wildflowers are in full bloom.

Vic Gostin said this wine reminds him kicking back around a campfire with Brian Daily and enjoying a glass or two of red, to which Steve added how this wine seems to be primed to accompany wisps of campfire smoke.

Nigel concurred, saying the softness of this wine allows  you to sip it for an hour or two, with or without food.

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