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2015 Sidewood Shiraz Adelaide Hills

2015 Sidewood Shiraz Adelaide Hills on The Adelaide Show Podcast

We named the 2015 Sidewood Shiraz Adelaide Hills as our South Australian Drink Of The Week in episode 212 of The Adelaide Show Podcast.

The opening of the bottle and the initial noises of tasting the wine were recorded by our guest for the week, Tim Whitt of Tim Whitt Sound. You can hear them at the very end of the podcast.

However, the actual tasting seemed to create a relaxed air in Tim’s studio and led to some great creativity; as all good Shiraz should!

2015 Sidewood Shiraz Adelaide Hills

Steve’s first impression upon tasting the Sidewood Shiraz was described as standing on the edge of a swimming pool filled with orange marmalade and marzipan, and then being pushed from behind.

That first moment of falling and of fear is what Steve got in his first tasting of the wine.

Tim and Steve both agreed there was plenty of tannin in this wine, not a sip goes by without one’s tongue being strafed by lashings of tannin.

Michael got a lot of vanilla essence, similar to baking a cake mix; like a sweet vanilla.

Steve’s final note was his attempt to name an elusive note that was neither fruity nor spicy. The best he could do was suggest it was like breathing in through the black, sponge padding on the sides of Tim’s studio.

Our suggestion is to have the 2015 Sidewood Shiraz from the Adelaide Hills is perfectly made to accompany a range of foods and comes recommended.

You can hear the tasting from about the three minute mark of episode 212 by using the player below or by opening your favourite podcast playing app, searching for the Adelaide Show, and downloading that episode (you could even subscribe while you are there – it’s free – and never miss a future episode).

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