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2015 Lake Breeze Cabernet Sauvignon Langhorne Creek

2015 Lake Breeze Cabernet Sauvignon Langhorne Creek on The Adelaide Show Podcast

It was with much trepidation that Steve led the tasting of our SA Drink Of The Week, the 2015 Lake Breeze Cabernet Sauvignon Langhorne Creek, because our guests from the Royal Adelaide Wine Show were Nick Ryan (wine judge and writer) and Greg Follett (winemaker from Lake Breeze Wines), whose wine we were critiquing.

This wine, which will be available through selected bottle shops soon, is a trophy-winning Cabernet Sauvignon from Langhorne Creek, a region where Cabernet and Malbec thrive.

Greg noted that this wine share much in common with the 2014 and would be worth trying together, to compare the subtle differences between vintages.

2015 Lake Breeze Cabernet Sauvignon Langhorne Creek tasting notes

The first thing Steve noted was the deep, dark base in the colour, similar to the keel on Australia 2, completed by billowing sails of bright red at the edges.

Michael suggested these sails would be perfectly poised to catch the “Lake Breeze”.

Steve then noted the tight structure of the wine, likening it to the precise ways Wiltshire StaySharp knives thrust and withdraw with precision.

He then commented on the subtle flavours and hints of fruit, a little like walking through the Lake Breeze vineyards and noting that raspberry licorice snakes had slithered across the ground before you and after you – leaving hints, rather than overpowering senses of presence.

He described the wine as being a comforting Cabernet with eucalypt and dust; with all the familiarity of visiting grandma’s house.

The panel then critiqued Steve’s critique and we heartily recommend you listening to this extended discussion to learn more about this wine and to hear what makes a wine judge’s brain and palate tick.

You can hear the live tasting of the 2015 Lake Breeze Cabernet Sauvignon Langhorne Creek in episode 213 of The Adelaide Show via the player below, or just search for “The Adelaide Show” in your favourite podcast app and download the episode (in fact, subscribe while you’re there to access all our shows – they’re free).

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