This week the 2015 Heritage Wines Rossco’s Shiraz was our South Australian Drink Of The Week, thanks to our guest, Shane Yeend.

Shane decided to bring a Shiraz from Heritage Wines while he was flying back from Clare in his helicopter, so he diverted to the Barossa, bought a few cases from winemaker, Steve Hoff, and presented us with an outstanding drop.

Shane believes the northern corner of the Barossa is the centre of the Shiraz universe and we must admit he makes a convincing case.

Rossco’s Shiraz is named after one of the winery’s loyal growers, Ross (Rossco) Kalleske, with the late Mark Shield, wine writer at The Age, describing it as “The Brother of Grange”.

2015 Heritage Wines Rossco’s Shiraz tasting notes

Upon his first sip, Steve noted that the wine lifted his palate like a graceful, perfectly smooth take off in a helicopter.

He said it then opened up like gazing upon the rich vista of the Barossa from the skies.

Shane chipped in that he agreed, and countered the description with a reference to being up in a hot air balloon over these vineyards of gold.

Nigel was taken by the smoothness of the tannins.

In short, the 2015 Heritage Wines Rossco’s Shiraz picked up the tasting panel and flew it into clouds of bliss.

You can hear the live tasting in the player below or by opening your favourite podcast app, searching for The Adelaide Show, and downloading The Adelaide Show Podcast episode 221.