We opened the 2015 GISA Ellipsis GSM as the South Australian Drink Of The Week on The Adelaide Show Podcast 249 because our guest, Les Parsons, chatted with his mate “Mat” about what wine would be a great South Aussie drop to share.

It turns out that Mat was actually Mat Henbest, the winemaker at GISA Wines, which stands for Geographical Indicator South Australia. And Les happened to mention that James Halliday gave this wine a score of 96, which is what we expect from our guests 🙂

Mat explained the origin of the word “ellipsis” which is where you use three dots to allow readers to fill in the blanks such as in the sentence, “Nigel is a …”.

GISA is located in the Old Penfold’s Winery, at the top of The Parade, next to the Magill Estate vineyard. As a footnote, that means Mat works close to where we sourced our Penfolds Grange to cook with last Christmas. Small world!

2015 GISA Ellipsis GSM tasting notes

Dr Sam Battams began by saying she could taste lots of berry fruit and that the wine seems like the perfect drop to be drinking in winter. She added it is also blackcurranty.

Les said simply, it tastes like a bloody good red, to me.

Nigel was getting blackberries and added that the acidity provided great length on his palate.

Steve described the wine as like sitting into a seat on a small Rex jet, perhaps one about to fly from Adelaide to Yorke Peninsula like Harry Butler, but behind you, a kid opens an apple and blackcurrant drink and you can smell the aroma.

He also said the wine snuggly snaps itself around your tongue, just like the life jackets do that they demonstrate before your flight.

Finally, he said that when you re-inhale your breath after a sip, there are some heady tones of crisp apple that tantalise the olfactory senses.

You can hear our live tasting of the 2015 GISA Ellipsis GSM, by playing the player below, or by opening your favourite podcast app, searching for The Adelaide Show and downloading or streaming episode 249. Enjoy.