These 2015 The Dark Prince Nero d’Avola by Fox Gordon tasting notes were produced as part of episode 156 of The Adelaide Show podcast.

This latest SA Drink Of The Week was suggested by Bec Weatherill, EA to this week’s guest, Dr Gemma Munro from Inkling Women.

Bec thought it would be a good wine for this episode because:

  • The winery is owned by two women: Tash Mooney (the winemaker – featured on the right of the logo) and Rachel Atkins (nee Fox – featured on the left of the logo).
  • The Nero just won a gold medal at the Sydney Royal Wine Show.
  • The wine is on a number of wine lists in some of Adelaide’s best restaurants

In the discussion about the wine, Steve said the smoothness suggests to him that the Dark Prince wore black, silk gloves under his armour. Gemma took that one step further, suggesting he wore black underwear. Hence the wine photo!

Michael then wondered what the prince was after in the castle. It seems we’ll never know.

The Dark Prince Nero d’Avola by Fox Gordon tasting notes

Our panel instantly fell in love with this wine which had been opened and decanted before the boys arrived to start recording.

Michael’s first comment was that he would have been stuck trying to guess this variety at a blind tasting. He said he’d probably suggest it was a blend because it has a well-rounded flavour.

Steve chipped in, suggesting he would probably have dubbed it as a Grenache, due to the raspberry and mulberry notes on his palate.

Gemma admired it because although it is rich and luscious, you don’t need any heavy food with it.

We hope you find and enjoy this wine (Rachel runs a gorgeous cellar door on King William Road, Unley) and you can hear our live tasting below, about three minutes in.

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