We opened a 2015 Bleasdale Second Innings Malbec from Langhorne Creek as the South Australian Drink Of The Week for episode 218 of The Adelaide Show Podcast.

Steve chose this wine to prompt our guest, Brad Hollis Holistic Healer, to share some insights into how to prepare your mind for a “second innings”.

In short, the sports-focused comedian said on one hand you should not need any special effort to prepare for a second innings (you either love your sport or you don’t) but on the other hand the job of the coach is to help lift the energy of the team and is a key part of rebounding for another innings.

Make of that what you wish.

2015 Bleasdale Second Innings Malbec tasting notes

To the tasting, and this wine was at once mysterious and pleasing.

Steve noted how it sat solidly on the palate like a heavy, beautiful, hand-made vase in which there were still floral scents and hints of raspberries and mulberries past.

Nigel was completely intrigued.

He was picking up floral notes, possibly rose or lavender, and was lost in his enjoyment.

Todd Fischer, our musical curator and guest host this week simply said, nice, this wine is really nice.

Steve then agreed with Nigel that had they followed Nick Ryan’s advice from episode 213, the experience would have bloomed into a vase bursting with flavour.

You can hear our live tasting of the 2015 Bleasdale Second Innings Malbec as the first segment in episode 218, available below or able to be downloaded from iTunes or within your favourite podcast app.