These 2015 Bethany Sémillon tasting notes were created as part of episode 153 of The Adelaide Show podcast.

One of our guests, Dr George Ujvary, provided this wine for the SA Drink Of The Week because it was an important part of his transition from youth to adult.

In the episode, George explains how he grew up with the Schrapel family as family friends in the Barossa Valley, around the time that Johann Schrapel’s fifth generation descendants, brothers Geoff and Robert Schrapel, established Bethany Wines in a quarry.

A little later on and Bethany Sémillon was the first wine George tried. He enjoyed it, and it became a signature drop in his early life.

2015 Bethany Sémillon tasting notes

From the outset, the panel noted the glorious colour and the hints of citrus and tropical fruits.

Steve picked up a little marzipan and then described the mouthfeel or body as like slipping into rich, fresh, silk sheets in one of the presidential suites that Amanda McInerney stays in when doing her travel blogging around the world.

The panel agreed that image did capture the experience, no matter how unorthodox as a wine descriptor!

Hear the live tasting yourself, here (about three minutes in):

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