The 2015 Beresford GSM from McLaren Vale is youthful but delivers a regal experience on the palate.

Our guest, in Adelaide Show episode 195, artist Nick Leaver, procured this wine, and a 2015 Beresford Cabernet Sauvignon, from his art exhibition sponsor, Beresford Wines.

Nick also raved about Beresford’s new tasting room at Blewett Springs, saying you must take international or interstate guests there, to experience wine flights while looking out over vineyards.

Nick’s art exhibition, Social Revolution, runs at the Hughes Gallery, Fullarton, until May 28, 2017.

2015 Beresford GSM tasting notes

The wine tasting began amid discussion of our late patron, Queen Adelaide, and the flavour of royalty was imbued into the discussion.

Well, it took a few minutes to begin while they waited for Steve to stop oohing and ahhing over his delight and surprise by the wine, which started with his marvel at the deep ruby red and then continued into the mouthfeel and flavours.

Back to royalty. Steve noted that the tannins were deferential, bowing to you as they back graciously away from your palate while never turning their backs to you. Nick noted their silken qualities, so they became regal footmen, who are there performing their ceremonial duties, without dominating.

Next, Steve noted this was happening on parquetry floors made of blackcurrant and redcurrant, surrounded by walls woven with violets.

Nick also noted how the parquetry floors had a lacquer of vanilla, a quality he enjoys in wine, especially the first wine of an evening.

If you would like to blow your wine trumpet, we heartily recommend you try the 2015 Beresford GSM (and the 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon, which was tasted later in the show in IS IT NEWS), a most worthy South Australian Drink Of The Week.

Listen to the live tasting by grabbing episode 195 of The Adelaide Show Podcast in your favourite podcast app, or by using the player below. The tasting starts about 3 minutes in.