The 2014 Turkey Flat Butchers Block GSM is the South Australian Drink Of The Week, courtesy of this week’s guest, Stephen Yarwood.

Stephen let us rifle through his cellar to pick something that was ready to drink now and we chose this wine amid some big, bold wines that still needed more cellaring, and an array of cheap and cheerful wines that had been given to him as tokens of appreciation at various events where he spoke as Lord Mayor of Adelaide. For the record, that’s our observation, not his.

In the end, Turkey Flat was ready for the butcher’s block with four years under the belt.

2014 Turkey Flat Butchers Block GSM tasting notes

Steve’s first impression of this wine was that it is like walking through the Adelaide Central Market on one of its “off” days. By which he meant, everything is neatly swept and in order, but you still have wafts of various fruit combinations from berries to bananas, swirling faintly around you as you stroll.

He summed up by saying this wine is very self-contained and neat on the palate, which finishes with traces of cherry lollipop on the tongue.

Nigel also got the cherry but added that overall this is a smooth and balanced wine.

You can hear the live tasting of the 2014 Turkey Flat Butchers Block GSM, along with some commentary about the Central Market’s management, by using the player below or by grabbing episode 247 of The Adelaide Show Podcast in your favourite podcast app, on Spotify, or directly in iTunes.