Under the big top in Bonython Park for episode 163 of The Adelaide Show Podcast, we recorded these Teusner The Riebke Shiraz tasting notes with the help of illusionist, Michael Boyd, Circus Of Illusion.

The wine seemed to enjoy the spotlight and opened up as the night went on.

And we would expect nothing less from a confident, over-delivering Barossa red.

As a footnote, Riebke refers to the Riebke brothers, one of the key families whose vineyards have made Teusner possible.

Teusner The Riebke Shiraz tasting notes

One of the first things that struck Steve, was the way the tannins were so “polite”.

He said Michael would not like these tannins in his audience because they would be so reserved they would hardly say boo. Michael agreed, that would be a disastrous audience. However, they both agreed, this makes for a very approachable wine.

In fact, the panel commented about the beautiful balance this wine has achieved.

At one point, Steve mentions how this wine, unlike many from the Barossa, is actually perfectly made for pairing with food.

There were a number of other discoveries and you can hear them in the live tasting, which starts about three minutes in, via the audio player below.

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