The South Australian Drink Of The Week is the 2014 Lake Breeze Bernoota Shiraz Cabernet from Langhorne Creek.

We recently had Lake Breeze winemaker, Greg Follett, on the Adelaide Show, and he mentioned his award-winning Bernoota, so Steve packed a bottle to try during his week-long stay at Arkaroola (the subject of this week’s show).

On that fateful road trip, an emu jumped in front of Steve’s car, forcing him to brake suddenly and this pushed his wine forward with the bottle of Bernoota shattering in the process.

So, it was the perfect wine to try in the introduction to the special focusing on Arkaroola Wildnerness Sanctuary.

As it happens, this was special for our guest, Michael Mills (writer and producer for Professor Flint, who also stars in the episode) because he has scattered his parents ashes among the rocks at Arkaroola.

2014 Lake Breeze Bernoota Shiraz Cabernet tasting notes

The first thing Steve noted was how this wine scampered across his palate in a soft, sure-footed way, much like the yellow footed rock wallabies scamper about the rocks at Arkaroola.

He then noted how, once the wine had swirled across the tongue, it was like reaching the top of a rocky outcrop and discovering a hidden waterhole high above the plains, that was tranquil and fruitful. While Steve was in Arkaroola, wildflowers and some native fruits were in bloom and this matches the experience of sipping the Bernoota.

Furthermore, he said the plums and floral/spicy notes were reminiscent of his last morning in Arkaroola, arising after a night of rain to smell the various scents being released by the earth and the vegetation, especially some subtle notes of eucalyptus from the Cabernet.

He said the view from this wine is resplendent.

Nigel concurred, noting the smooth tannins.

Listen to our tasting of the 2014 Lake Breeze Bernoota Shiraz Cabernet early in episode 219 of The Adelaide Show Podcast by using the player below or by opening your favourite podcast app, searching for The Adelaide Show and hitting subscribe. Once you’ve done that, you can download episode 219 to your device, for free, and then listen via your phone as you jog or walk or drive or do chores about the house. Enjoy.

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