Our discussions about ears, noses, and throats, was well lubricated by some bottles of the 2014 Grosset Gaia Cabernet Blend Clare Valley in the home of Dr Michael Schultz.

Michael has long been a fan of Grosset wines, ever since he opened one of their Rieslings on Clarendon Oval during his honeymoon!

2014 Grosset Gaia Cabernet Blend Clare Valley

Michael said he likes this wine because he tends towards Cabernets, Pinots, and a lot of Italian varieties, so he has much affection for Grosset’s French/Bordeaux style of winemaking.

Steve said this wine was like sitting between two elegant French women at the French Film Festival, whose beautifully reserved perfuming is wafting about him.

He said it has a rich, all encompassing nose and the experience on the palate is like strolling under long, winding trellises in a grand, French garden. He said the flavour is not as intense as the nose but it stays close, much like the vegetation stretched over the pathway.

You can hear the full, live tasting of the 2014 Grosset Gaia Cabernet Blend Clare Valley, by using the player below or by searching for The Adelaide Show podcast in your favourite app and downloading episode 244.