For The Adelaide Show Podcast 252, our South Australian Drink Of The Week was the 2014 Fox Creek Short Row Shiraz.

Steve had this one tucked away for a while and thought it would be the perfect match for our vertically-challenged guest, Greg Clark 😉

Greg admitted to not being a tall guy in radio, similar to his former colleague Steve Curtis; he had to leave because the town wasn’t big enough for both of them.

However, as Nigel pointed out, maybe it would have been in their case!

Oh, and that is Big Ted, one of Greg’s cats next to the wine.

2014 Fox Creek Short Row Shiraz tasting notes

Greg commented that this was was a very approachable Shiraz that tasted neither young nor old but just right.

Nigel agreed, noting how well the tannins balanced the overall experience.

Steve described the Fox Creek Shiraz as being like walking through a McLaren Vale vineyard in the rain while wearing oilskins. The wine feels close against the palate and, as you move, whiffs of Steve’s fruity cologne escape up through the neck and get inhaled with each step.

To hear the tasting of the 2014 Fox Creek Short Row Shiraz in full, grab episode 252 of The Adelaide Show podcast below, or by searching for The Adelaide Show in your favourite podcast app or on Spotify and iTunes.