These 2013 Fox Creek Shadow’s Run tasting notes were produced while recording episode 160 of The Adelaide Show podcast.

One of our guests, Leonard Choice of MyBESTOF Photography & Publications selected this wine because Fox Creek Wines was kind enough to sponsor one of his earlier publications.

He wanted to use our program as a public way of thanking the Fox Creek crew and we are glad to have helped 🙂

While Shadow refers to a dog from Fox Creek, having two photographers as our guests means discussion turned to the role of “shadow” in photography.

It is an interesting conversation with plenty of light and shade!

2013 Fox Creek Shadow’s Run tasting notes

On the palate, Steve suggested this Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon blend from McLaren Vale laid down a bed of tannin like soft pine needles on the floor of Kuitpo Forest.

After stating his is not a wine aficionado, Leonard commented how to his palate this was pleasant, rich and thoughtful.

Paul Heck noted the astringency of the pine, with a dry sharpness that would suit most main courses. He said it is not a heavy wine but rather a “thick” wine on the palate.

Steve said there is a crimson, perfumed wall of aroma in this wine, akin to a sunset.

Nigel says this is extremely smooth with well-balanced tannins.

Paul also loved the rich, balanced red. As a photographer, he was mesmerised.

You can hear this unusual wine tasting about three minutes in, below:

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