These 2012 Kooks Labour Of Love Shiraz tasting notes were part of episode 144 of The Adelaide Show.

When you get a chance to sit with a clinical sexologist and discuss all things sex, you really need to have a wine with a related name.

So, 30 minutes of searching online yielded Labour Of Love by Kooks Wines, an enterprise led by three friends who have bandied together to make wine that not only supports them but gives $1,000 every month to ‘inspiring projects’.

Thus far, they have supported initiatives as diverse as Geraldine Cox who has been running Sunrise Children’s Villages in Cambodia for 20 years and ‘2 Hot 2 Handle’, a hip hop crew made up of 20 young people with disabilities producing a fresh brand of freestyle dancing and rapping.

2012 Kooks Labour Of Love Shiraz tasting notes

The grapes for Labour Of Love come from South Australia with a particular focus on the Barossa Valley.

It is priced at $14.99 a bottle which is about right as this is a ‘no fuss’ wine, with hints of goodness that make it a great wine to try when buying in this price range.

The nose was ‘pongy’ at first but that quickly lifted.

We noticed that both bottles opened were filled to about a centimetre from the top of the bottle. We are not saying this is significant, but curious, scientist part of Nigel was surprised by this, given that wines for the previous 143 shows had a little more ‘air’ in the bottle, being filled to within 4-5 cm of the top of the neck.

However, on the palate, Steve ultimately decided he was tasting a compressed compote of red, blue and black fruits, almost as it the wine itself was pressing them into his tongue. Intriguing.

Ultimately, this wine is low on fruitiness and tannin and likely to pair well with a pretty broad array of food and cheeses.

Listen to our live tasting, starting about six minutes in:

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