2011 Lofty Valley Pinot Noir tasting notes Adelaide ShowThese 2011 Lofty Valley Pinot Noir tasting notes come from episode 134 of The Adelaide Show podcast.

Our guest of the week, Barbara Gare from Y Natural, arranged access to this wine because Lofty Valley belongs to her brother-in-law, Brian Gilbert.

As Steve noted, this next Pinot continues the coming-of-age for himself and Nigel, as they venture away from and back to their conventional territory of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

On the night, we had the pleasure of enjoying this wine with a superb platter of South Australian goodness made by Barbara. Note her poached pear in the background of the image, it truly got our palates engaged and into an adventurous state of mind for the wine tasting.

2011 Lofty Valley Pinot Noir tasting notes

From the first moment of pouring, the thin redness takes a non-Pinot person a while to adjust to and Barbara confessed in her early days of trying Pinot she would have been tempted to not drink the wine because it doesn’t have that inky darkness of more conventional wines.

In the glass, Steve noted it looked like a diluted strawberry juice with a mocha tint to it, prompting Nigel to say terracotta. And, indeed, terracotta is exactly the hue.

On the nose, Nigel mentioned pepper and Steve went further suggesting fresh, black peppercorns. He also said the aroma reminded him of the heady mix of scents from fresh fruit and vegetables in a market.

On the palate, Steve said it was like a strip of dehydrated strawberry and apple, tight without sugary sweetness, and then it gradually unfolded as it moved toward the back palate.

You can hear our wine tasting here, about 6:30 in.

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