While sitting with Michael McGuire, author of Never A True Word, for episode 198 of The Adelaide Show podcast, the team conducted a live tasting of the 2011 Coriole Shiraz.

Coriole Vineyards is a sponsor of Wakefield Press and it was kind enough to lubricate our discussion with this refined drop.

After opening the bottle and preparing to start our recording by toasting our late patron, Queen Adelaide, we noted Michael wince at the prospect.

However, despite a protest that toasting royalty would “break my republican heart”, Micheal yielded to the formality and the night began.

2011 Coriole Shiraz tasting notes

One of the first things Steve noted about this six-year-old wine was how it quickly worked its way across his palate, released a little fruit, and then finished with a “nice, drying tinge.”

Michael said that while not being a Tony Love (his colleague from The Advertiser), he remarked upon the way this wine grows on you while you hold it in your mouth, even noting a little pepper on the palate.

Steve said he felt like he’d been fumigated with purple on the inside.

In keeping with the political parlance of the evening, Steve said this red wine deserves to be at home in the “red” upper house of state parliament, to which Michael quipped, “there’s a bit more quality in this wine than there is in the upper house!”

Hear the live tasting by downloading episode 198 for free in your favourite podcast app, or listen live in the player, below. It starts around the three-minute mark.