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The World I Live In: Can’t have too much Lewis Garnham

Lewis Garnham: The World I Live In by Nigel Dobson-Keeffe

Lewis Garnham: The World I Live In








Things we loved

  • Grabbed attention
  • Laid back style

Things we would reconsider

  • Delivery could have been tighter but it is the storytelling genre so ...

Opening with “Melbourne is a great city” was an interesting way to get every Adelaidian’s attention from the get go.

Guests were transfixed, FUIC was ready to throw, lynch mobs organised.

Seconds later the audience was disarmed as Lewis explains his life during a trip to the-place- we-speak- not-of and amusingness ensued with a look at what life experiences were extracted from a trip east, nicely flowing into a fantastic solution to the dog park conversation and the issues with “kids today” such as too much porn, too much stuff, too much everything.

Lewis has that laid-back mate approach to story telling which the audience appreciates and too much Lewis wouldn’t be an issue.

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