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Things we loved

  • Fun interactive game

Things we would reconsider

  • Play more rounds

Werewolves plague the small town of Millers Hollow, and in this incredible interactive fringe show the villagers must band together to scout out who’s a werewolf, while the creatures of the night place the blame on innocents.

If you’re looking for a fun night with your friends or family, this game like experience is for you. No need for any prior experience, just jump right into the mysterious deaths of your companions in an ongoing game of deceit.

Players are each given a role and pitted against strangers and friends alike as they work towards weeding out the werewolves and not lynching their own. Keep your wits about you, as those you least expect could be the werewolf.

While there’s not much time for discussion of who’s being lynched and why, the quick decisions and accusations make the game interesting. While in death you’re out of the game itself, you still get a front row seat to the action and a glass of bubbles to soothe your way to the afterlife.

The limited number of seats each show offers an intimate setting for participants, and a full house allows all the roles to be played. With options like Seer, Cupid, Witch, Hunter, Villager, Werewolf and more, each game is a unique experience.

The only downside is you can’t keep playing it forever.

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