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Ukulele Dream Girl: Love at a Distance








Things we loved

  • Entertaining stories of love in its many forms
  • Fun transitions between songs and stories through paper aeroplanes

Things we would reconsider

  • Distracting technical mishaps due to the open-air venue

Phi Theordorus and her ukulele Willow have come together again to make the Ukulele Dream Girl in a cabaret all about love. With her fun personality filling the stage, Ukulele Dream Girl: Love at a Distance will keep you captivated with stories, songs, and Phi’s many attempts to catch a paper aeroplane.

In a world where distance is more prevalent in our relationships than ever, this show explores many forms of love and how it can still flourish at a distance. Phi tells tales from her life, and the lives of those she knows, about many versions of love. From tinder dates and lost love to the struggles and joys that can be found in old love, and much more. Each story is preceded by a paper aeroplane containing a snippet of a conversation between Phi and her partner over their long-distance relationship, and followed by a song matching the theme of the story.

The location of the show in Gluttony can cause some distractions given it is outside, as the wind caused Phi’s mic to pop a few times and lead to a few problems with the paper planes’ trajectories and the set behind her. Despite this Phi soldiered through the weather made hiccups and pulled off a brilliant show. Though be sure to stay aware of the weather if you attend in Gluttony, as there is very little protection from the elements, be it rain or shine.

Upon entry you are also given a cool little quiz about love languages, which allows you to learn a little more about yourself and your loved ones on how you like to give and receive affection. As Phi said, an open heart, open mind, and open communication are essential in long distance love, and knowing your love language can only aide this connection.

So, if you love to hear about love beyond the honeymoon or summer love phase and enjoy a fun cabaret, this show is for you. If you’re lucky you might even see Phi catch the paper aeroplane during your show and see a special guest in the finale.

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