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Theatre for the time poor

Theatre for the time poor

Theatre for the time poor








Things we loved

  • A quirky blend of play snippets
  • Lots of local references - unusual in much theatre

Things we would reconsider

  • The nature of this beast means we get fast, superficial scenarios rather than poignancy

Theatre for the time poor is a great concept for the Adelaide Fringe.

In one hour, you get a mix of snippets from plays by local playwrights, performed by local actors, and directed by local directors.

An indulgent joy for locals is the dialogue in some of the pieces is littered with local references, from schools to locations. This is something Adelaide ears are not used to and it does breathe a fresh relevance to the experience.

There is some clever writing among the pieces on display; quirky wordplay, wit, and moments of reflection.

However, due to time constraints (this is theatre for the time poor) the production does have to err in favour of bold outlines of characters, quickly established then put away. So, while this won’t satiate the theatre person on the hunt for heavy poignancy, it will satisfy those curious to lightly graze across a platter of different ideas.

A clipping pace, some glimpses of slick interaction between players, and a variety of themes, makes this a good option for time poor people curious about theatre in this town.

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