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The Folk Foragers: Folk Around The World

The Folk Foragers: Folk Around The World








Things we loved

  • Talented musicians
  • Interesting exploration of folk music

Things we would reconsider

  • Incorporating more information about the songs

Adelaide based string quartet The Folk Foragers dazzled their audience with exceptionally performed folk songs and medley’s from around the world. With their music travelling from the Nordic Countries down to the British Isles, and back across to mainland Europe with French, Ukrainian and Yiddish tunes. They play a bit of everything, from upbeat folk dance songs to a Welsh lullaby, with each song flowing beautifully to the next.

You could barely tell the Folk Foragers were only established last year with how well they played together. With Caoimhe on the cello, Rachel on the viola, and Helen and Nicola on the violin. Their confidence flew though the roof as their performance went on, and the setting sun behind them cast them in a fitting ethereal golden glow.

The group were rather adaptable when some audience members started asking them questions about the music mid show, and later added more information about the songs they were playing for the inquisitive crowd.

The venue, the Folklore Café, was an amazing choice for their opening night, with an intimate and cosy setting with picturesque views of the Port Adelaide River. Not to mention the name of the café fits the show about Folk music rather well. The only downside of the venue was that not everyone could sit up close to the musicians, as space was limited.

A cool addition to the performance in the future would be learning more about the songs, like their names and origins. As many song titles were not in English, placing them on a pamphlet or in a link through a QR code, would work well for the more inquisitive members of the audience.

Overall, The Folk Foragers: Folk Around The World is a great performance for lovers of Folk music and newcomers alike.

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