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Scottish Comedian of the Year WINNER

Scottish Comedian of the Year Winner review by The Adelaide Show Podcast

Scottish Comedian of the Year WINNER








Things we loved

  • Very nice shirt
  • Good pacing and presence
  • Someone Scottish you could understand

Things we would reconsider

  • Drop the unfunny gender jokes
  • Light beer and plenty of water before performing
  • More self-deprecating humour specifically about Scotland or comparing Scotland to local conditions

Leo opened interestingly with a quick check around the room, getting some names and feel for the room (or “the lay of the land”).

Starting off with Scottish food, an area of potential comedy gold for anyone not from Scotland, the show was off and racing.

Moving onwards to growing up with hippy parents we didn’t fully go into the UK show of making us Tories.

The self-deprecating humour about being tall went down well, as you would expect in Australia.

Talks of train tickets, global warming (luckily didn’t go too far in denialist territory) and tales of shyte sort of kept the show going along with mixed response from the crowd.

Looking at the bright side of Trump even gave a few good laughs.

Until the jokes at the expense of feminism, when his ability to read the crowd seemed to evaporate.

My curiosity was piqued, “How would he handle the much more subdued support?” considering there were many women in the room who were suddenly rather quiet.

I was expecting a pregnant pause and rapid redirection however such a change was not forthcoming.

The feeling of standing by a Loch on a drizzly spring day, the sun struggling to regain some exposure, soon descended as he continued along.

The show’s half-hearted support continued until we were done with one guest trying the early release program method.

In hindsight and discussion, there would be venues that might have garnered more support such as an NLP dinner however that isn’t an option at the Fringe.

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